About the ingredients: Bar Soap

Tallow is the rendered fat from cows. Tallow creates a very creamy, gentle, and stable lather in soap and also makes for a bar of soap that does not dissolve easily in water. 
Organic coconut oil
We use organic coconut oil for part of our soap oils. While we use coconut oil in moderation because it can tend to be drying, it creates a LOT of bubbles. 
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Extra Virgin Olive oil is a wonderful and very gentle conditioning oil. While it does not add a lot of bubbles, it adds a wonderful and gentle conditioning quality to soap. 
Castor oil
Castor oil is a very cleansing oil and is usually used in small amounts. It adds large bubbles to a soap lather. 
Goats milk
We use Nigerian Dwarf goats milk that we have stocked up on and have frozen, or that is fresh, from our Nigerian Dwarf goats. Goats milk adds fat and a creamy lather to soap. 
Essential Oils
We use quality, wholesale essential oils in our soaps. Essential oils are very concentrated and are made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant to capture the plants scent & flavor.